Spoof is a game, played with 3 coins of equal size or denomination, where participants are divided into “schools” which may comprise of 2,3,4,5 or more players. The object of the game is to “calculate”, and we use the word advisedly, CALCULATE the total number of coins held in the players’ clenched fist. (Not the monetary value thereof but the total number of coins!) The players may each secretly decide whether to hold 0,1,2 or 3 coins in their clenched fist. In order to determine who will call first a “deflowered” matchstick will be spun, once the hands are out. The hands may not be changed after the match has been spun. The person to whom the deflowered end of the match is pointing will have a right to call first, or nominate (foolishly) who may call first. Thereafter the play will rotate in clockwise order. Each player will then call in clockwise order until all calls have been made. No duplicate calls may be called and there must be no impossible calls.  Once all players have called the clenched fists will be opened, in order, starting with the first caller and following in a clockwise direction thereafter. The total number of coins held will be added up  and the person having called the correct number will be declared the winner of that round and will retire to the bar to “order the drinks”. At the bar the first out may be required to advance legal tender  to pay for the drinks unless he/she is able to negotiate a “Modicum of credit”. The remaining members of the “school” will continue until the final is contested by the last two remaining players in the school. There are no “losers” at spoof the eventual last man remaining has the honour of paying for the drinks of the other participants in the school !


    Of course there is a more serious side of Spoofing, following the same approach, but in a far more competitive environment. Spoofing Championships are held all over the Globe on a regular basis. The official World Championship event  has been going strong since 1983.  Championship competitions follow a knock out type approach, where individuals compete in 'Schools' over seven rounds, with an initial round, followed by a repechage for those failing to win the first round. School sizes depend on the total number of competitors. After the repechage, the winners continue through the knock out competition, to quarter finals, semi finals and finals. These events are very hotly contested, with eating and drinking greatly frowned upon ... by someone!


    Whilst spoofing (as we know it) has been traced back to its origin in China, the famous Dutch distiller “Bols” have carried 3 spoofing coins on some of their products dating back to 1800! However the present day “Spoofing” has its own origin on the Cotswolds in the West Country where the founding fathers were the late:


    Mr John Endacott

    Mr Jimmy Gardiner

    Mr Eddie Orchard

    Mr Wyndham Jones (of the rule 21 fame)

    Mr Dougie Dash


    The young men of the families were allowed to watch and listen.



    In 1966 Mr William Endacott, son of John Endacott, Introduced the "Art of Spoof” to his friends in London in  the early 70’s where they  congregated at the “Builders Arms” after rugby practice and modern day “Spoofing” was born. The original members were:-

    William Endacott (of the Endacott 2 fame); Nick Poynton; Mike Sadlier; Stuart Haughton (of the Haughton 6 fame); Mike Storey; Peter Crerar; Malcolm Alchin; Stuart Dick; Richard Moore; Patrick Irvine; Graham Kershaw; Dougie Turnbull

    It was time to spread the word......

    John Smithwick appeared from Ireland and became a regular attendee developing his love for the game, going on to introduce spoof to a number of Irish Rugby Football Internationals with Ollie Campbell taking up the mantle and forming the Old Belvedere Spoofing School.

    In the mid 70’s the home of “spoof” moved to the Hollywood arms which then hosted the Art as the International  home until  the mid 80’s, under the watchful eye of the Acting Secretary Mr. Stephen “Bunter” Jackson.

    Endacott moved to South Africa in 1976. Endacott was spreading the word and encouraged many of his South African missionary’s  (Evert Abendanon, Geoff Cawood - of the Cawood pass fame) to visit the Hollywood Arms to meet and join the likes of Poynton, who,  continued the traditions at the Hollywood Arms until it was time for him to move to the Middle East. Haughton moved to Brussels, Moore moved to Paris, Alchin moved to Australia, Crerar moved to Scotland (and anywhere a pipeline needed to be laid under the Ocean) Kershaw returned to New Zealand and Turnbull became the first Absent Friend to move to the Spoofers Snug Bar in the Sky! All introduced spoof to many of their new found friends.

    Spoofing championships were held in the various countries under the “Hollywood rules”.


    Sport retained its influence in the Spoofing Societies. London started its own Rugby Football team, South Africa its own Association  Football team (and Cricket Team).  The Footballers (of both codes) wear the coloured strip of the 8 founder members of the IRB.

    England; Wales; Ireland; Scotland; France; South Africa; New Zealand; Australia

    Mr Simon “Stretch” Rumney designed the similar coloured striped “Spoofers Blazer” material which aptly captures the Spoofers love of Rugby Football and is seen at all World Spoofing Championships and World Rugby Football Championships.

    The 8 National colours are each separated by the “yellow” chosen by the Spoofers as a fair reflection of their bravery both on and off  the field of play.


    During the 1983 British and Irish Lions tour of New Zealand the Hosts decided that the first inaugural Spoofing World Championship should take place. This was duly held in Wellington New Zealand.

    On Kershaws return to New Zealand in 1977 he introduced the Game to such great Sportsmen as Murray  Mexted and Peter Brooks.  This triumvirate enthused players of New Zealands other great game, Rugby Football, so much that Luminaries such as...Graham Mourie,  Andy Haden, Cowboy Shaw, Stu Wilson, Brett Codlin and Richard Mackenzie wished to participate to the full.

    All remain as regular spoofers to this day.

    The 2nd World Championship was held in South Africa and the 3rd in London.  The Championship has been held annually ever since in many different Countries nominated by the current Champion each year.




    Each Global spoofing region holds annual Spoofing Championships.  The oldest of these being the UK National Championship followed by Wellington, New Zealand. The World Championship has been held since 1983 whilst the UK National Championship started in 1974 (the inaugural event won by Nick Poynton). The European Championship has been decreed a “nomadic” Championship in that it has no fixed permanent home. The venue for the European Championship is chosen by the holder of the title who may nominate any European country as host of the following years championship.


    As many of the “regular” London Spoofers moved to various parts of the globe and others from various parts of the world took the game home with them, new “schools” were formed and new participants encouraged to join the fraternity. Presently regular schools exist in:

    • London, The Ship, Wandsworth
    • Kent, Chapter Arms and Sankey’s on the Hill
    • West of England,  Minchinhampton
    • Bangkok, Thailand (held at the British club) introduced by Mr Hugh Salmon
    • Wellington, New Zealand
    • Hutt Valley, New Zealand - Home of 3 times NZSC, the infamous John 'filth 2' Brooks
    • Sydney, Australia – Nick Farr-Jones, Greg Martin, David Campese are regulars
    • Palmerston North, Manawatu, New Zealand - home of the venerable Stan Clare (of the Doors)
    • Auckland, New Zealand
    • Christchurch, New Zealand - The Cannerbry School
    • Melbourne, Australia
    • Brisbane, Australia
    • Tasmania, Australia
    • Nelson, New Zealand
    • Bergen-op-zoom, Netherlands
    • Paris, France
    • Dubai, UAE
    • Dublin, Ireland
    • Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
    • Bergen-op-Zoom, Netherlands (venue of the inaugural European Spoofing Championship)